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If you are in search of the best architects and architectural designers in Kochi, then you are in the right place. Thomas Associates is a well-known architecture and design firm in Kochi, building beautiful homes and buildings for the people of Kochi for the past decade. We are based in Kottayam and then expanded ourselves to new locations, where we continued our good work as well. Our strength is our team of professionals who are passionate about the work they do, love challenges and are goal-oriented.

Thomas Associates takes extra effort to bring out your ideas into the open and make them a reality. We believe in letting you tell a story through your home or building. We create spaces that you will truly cherish and fall in love with.

Thomas Associates
Architectural Design

We Design with Passion

At Thomas Designz, our passion for perfect design will meet your desire for a beautiful home in perfect balance and will deliver you much more than you expected. Our past clients will always vouch for our service and passion and they are our biggest cheerleaders in this journey. We are an award-winning architectural firm and we value the contentment and admiration of our clients more than any accolade that comes our way.

We enjoy doing challenging projects that will help us reinvent and improve ourselves through using creativity and innovative ideas. We often encourage our clients to share their ideas for a home that will be challenging and will stand with them throughout the process of making that idea come true.

Our Projects

Thomas Designz is an expert in working on both commercial and residential projects across Kochi and all over Kerala.

Architectural Design

Commercial Architecture Design

Design and construction of buildings that are used for business and other commercial uses should be made in a way to improve the business along with the aesthetic appeal and functionality. We have experience designing some well-known commercial projects and we are ready to take on more such challenges. Commercial architecture design is different in terms of its scale, spatial use, services involved, use of material and technology. Our architects know the critical responsibility of taking up a commercial architecture design project and they use all their expertise and skill to deliver the best design.

Architectural Design

Residential Architecture Design

The process of designing and building residential, non-commercial properties and living spaces include everything from small houses to apartment complexes. We at Thomas Designz capture the needs and desires of homeowners and translate their ideas and concepts into a reality. Our architectural designers are accepting, collaborative and think outside the box to find out what our clients need. We deliver stylish, safe and functional homes for you.

Why Choose Us

At Thomas Designz, we have always stood by our clients in all their needs and requirements and will continue to do so with all our future clients as we.

Why Thomas &Associates

Our quality of work is the biggest reason to choose us, we are experts in turning the vision of a client into reality. We have the top award-winning architects, we work with the best contractors, an impressive line of work and a great relationship with all our previous clients. Our architects and designers are always open to your ideas and suggestions, they will guide you by making you comfortable enough to openly talk about all your ideas and visions.

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Architectural Design

Our Philosophy

Here at Thomas Designz, architecture design is our passion and our livelihood since 2007. We love the challenge and excitement of building a home or commercial building from the ground up and seeing your smile when we deliver the final product to you. Your home should be reflective of your mind and lifestyle and it should be tailor-made for you and your family’s needs. And a commercial building should be able to reflect the work culture and ethics of your business model. We make sure our final product exceeds your expectation in every capacity every single time.

Architectural Design

Best Architecture Firm in Kochi

Finding the best architecture firm for your needs doesn’t have to be overwhelming anymore. We are here to serve you through all your needs of making a home and we will together bring your vision to life.


Frequently Asked Questions

In India, architectural fees and costs are flexible; they can be a flat rate based on the size of the structure and the site or a percentage of the construction cost as their consultation fees.
There is no one-size-fits-all approach, though, and costs charged by different architects may vary depending on their level of experience, where they are located, and other factors.

In Kerala, there are many outstanding architects. However, finding a creative and dedicated architect who can understand your ideas and bring them to life might be challenging. The best designs strengthen and beautify your home. Interior and exterior design are both crucial when it comes to building a house. Thomas Associates's team of talented designers promises a thorough job and the best results.

Your architect will be your closest friend and confidant when you decide to build a new home. A dedicated architect can help you through the process and can make your aspirations come true. When choosing to build a home in a metropolis like Kochi, there are many things that can go wrong, for which timely consultation is necessary. With Thomas Associates at your side, building your dream home becomes an easy and memorable experience.

An expert who can carry out custom home construction from start to finish is referred to as a builder while the plans for the completed property are being created by an architect. Work with your builder alongside your architect to ensure that your project is appropriately designed. Owing to our knowledge of the industry, experts at Thomas Associates have worked together on a number of real estate development projects with reputable home builders.