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At Thomas Designz, we have a core team of experienced and goal-oriented architectural designers who can design homes according to your needs and desires, they will bring your ideas into reality. We focus on meeting our client’s needs and demands to create living spaces using creativity, design tools and techniques.

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Architectural Design

Architecture and Architectural Design

Architecture is the overall practice of completing the building structure from the initial designs to the construction process. Whereas architectural design deals with the design aspect of the process only. By focusing on the design aspect only, we are able to give better results. Our sole focus is to understand the client better and design a home or building that fully suits them and their ideals.

We can design the home of your dreams by having a deep understanding of your ideas and needs for something you will call home one day. We are one of the best architectural design firms in Kottayam, we have designed a good deal of homes in Kottayam in tandem with the local conditions.

3 Phases of Architectural Design

Designing a home or building according to a client’s need can be a complex task, to make it more manageable we can break it into smaller tasks. The architectural designers at Thomas Designz have always used this technique to make the process simpler and these are the 3 phases of architectural design, they are pre-design, schematic design and design development.

Architectural Design


This is the first phase and information from the client will be gathered in this phase. Our architectural designers will learn everything possible to learn about our client’s personality, lifestyle, needs, and space requirements now and in the future. All this information will be organised into a document for future reference. Another important part of pre-design is observing and documenting the site conditions, climate, people and regulations that will affect the project.

As a client, you have to be very involved and ready for some personal questions during this phase. This will help us design in a way that will reflect your individuality in a perfect mix with the right amount of functionality and aesthetics.

Architectural Design

Schematic Design

During this phase, the information gathered from the clients will be translated into an efficient building design. Our team of architectural designers at Thomas Designz, Kottayam will work together and explore design concepts and reach a general idea about the design. During this phase, several meetings will be held and we will present those ideas to our respective clients using images, sketches and models. We will take the feedback from you to develop further.

Architectural Design

Design Development

In this phase, we will define and develop all the important factors of the design and produce a set of drawings to show the contractors for preliminary cost estimating. Then adjustments will be made according to the budget constraints, the project scope will be brought in line with the construction budget. In this phase, a client will start to feel the coming of life of the project. The building exterior will be fully designed, the interior layout complete, the dimensions of all spaces finalised and most materials selected.

Architectural Design

Importance of Architectural Design

The architectural design focuses on the functionality and aesthetics of your project. It will make a difference in the day-to-day life of those who will be utilising the space. Our design architects at Thomas Designz, Kottayam will work with you every step of the way on your design project. Contact us to create the perfect design for your home or building.

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Our expertise and experience in architectural design are well known in Kottayam. We have been serving the people of Kottayam all these years with the best possible designs. We have the best professionals working in our firm who can transform your dream into reality. Thomas Associates will always be passionate about taking up challenging projects and finishing them with perfection beyond the expectation of a client, within the budget and on time.

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Architectural Design

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The reason we are a successful and leading architectural design firm in Kottayam is all thanks to our clients. They have always given us challenging projects that have evolved the working of our firm and helped us improve in every aspect. Our passion to obtain maximum client satisfaction is the reason why we have unwavering support from our past and present clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

Architecture is the process of finishing a building structure from the preliminary drawings to the building phase. In addition to counselling, Thomas Associates's design architects will offer all the services necessary to turn your ideal home into a reality.

The only goal is to better understand each customer so that we can design a house or other structure that perfectly fits their needs and ideas. Thomas Associates focuses on addressing its clients' needs and wants to build living spaces employing creativity, design tools, and processes. Our company is among the top ones in Kottayam for architectural design.

For our architects and interior designers at Thomas Associates, no task is too difficult, or large. We have completed projects of different shapes and sizes over the years, so you can take advantage of our talents and knowledge whether you're intending to construct a charming two-bedroom house or a 10-story apartment complex in the city.

Every project is different, and the time needed for design and construction will rely on a variety of elements, including the location of the site and the clients' design preferences. Other considerations include the distinctiveness of the site's geography, soil composition, and any environmental issues.