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Thomas Associates has established itself as a reputable architecture and design practice with the help of a committed group of knowledgeable architects and designers. Our core group of skilled and result-driven architectural designers can create homes that suit your demands and preferences. Thomas Associates uses creativity, design tools, and processes to create living spaces that satisfy our client's wants and needs.

With humble beginnings in Kottayam, Thomas Associates has now expanded to new locations, where they have continuously produced ideal results.

Thomas Associates
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At Thomas Associates, we strive to offer great design solutions that highlight creativity, adaptability, and affordability. Our primary objective is to make sure that every project is unique, completed with meticulous attention to detail, and that clients are fully satisfied. With over a decade of service in the field, our many satisfied customers are proof of our meticulous work.

As an award-winning architecture firm, our talented staff will do everything to come up with designs that meet client expectations. We put all our efforts into making sure all our commercial and residential projects go above and beyond expectations. We enjoy taking on challenging projects that will drive us to reimagine and improve ourselves by applying unique ideas and innovative solutions.

The Architectural Design Process

Designing a home or building to meet the customers' requirements can be challenging; however, it can be broken down into smaller tasks to make it more achievable. Pre-design, schematic design, and design development are the three phases of architectural design, and Thomas Associates's architectural designers have always employed this method to streamline the procedure.

Architectural Design


Pre-design is the stage of analysis that takes place before the design is started once some funding is made available. Studies are conducted to examine concerns with space requirements, the potential and restrictions of the proposed site, and the cost versus the budget. The lifestyle and space needs of our clients will be thoroughly researched by our architectural designers, who will apply this knowledge into making our clients happy. All we expect from our clients is a truthful rendition of their needs and preferences as well as honest answers to some important questions that will help us make your dream home a reality.

Architectural Design

Schematic Design

The initial stage of the architectural design process is called schematic design. At this point, the design team starts to outline the project's architectural and structural elements. In order to create architectural and spatial designs, the team of architectural designers at Thomas Associates will efficiently put to use the information from the clients. Throughout this process, our team will be in constant touch with our clients, getting their feedback on every step, using models, graphics and sketches.

Architectural Design

Design Development

During design development, the preliminary plans and elevations are examined, updated, and expanded to include all the construction-related features and specifications. By the time design development is complete, the design drawings and specifications can be used to establish and define the building's size, purpose, configuration, and spaces. At the same time, the internal plan, all space dimensions, and the majority of the building's materials will be chosen.

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Leading Architectural Firm

Starting with designing and ending with the construction, the entire process of architecture involves the need for great skill, careful planning and meticulous execution. It will never do to entrust such a major task in the hands of amateurs because of the many things that could possibly go wrong. This is why clients, for more than a decade, have put their trust in Thomas Associates.

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At Thomas Designz, we have always stood by our clients in all their needs and requirements and will continue to do so with all our future clients as we.

Why Choose Thomas Associates

Since its inception in the year 2007, Thomas Associates has provided trustworthy services to many customers all over Kerala. The main reason why clients choose us is the calibre of our work; we excel in bringing clients' ideas to life. We collaborate with the best builders, have the best architects, have an incredible portfolio of work, and have excellent relationships with all of our former clients. Our clients can take complete freedom with our design team who will no stone unturned in accommodating all the features of your dream home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to a construction project, architects are able to view the big picture. They assist clients in discovering their artistic preferences and practical needs. In order for the project to be built as intended, they organise teams of design, engineering, and construction professionals; they navigate the confusing web of building laws and zoning regulations; and they give design leadership.

In addition to presenting you with appealing ideas and layouts, a reputable and competent architect will also give you advice on how to manage your construction costs effectively. Architects can bill for their services in a variety of ways, such as using fixed fees, hourly rates, and percentage fees. Thomas Associates's skilled architects base their fees on various factors, including the project's scope, length, required services, and more.

In simple terms, architects are in charge of coming up with plans that contractors ultimately execute. While contractors carry out the practical work necessary to implement the architect's concept, architects need to combine engineering and artistic talent. At Thomas Associates, we provide a range of services to help you create the home of your dreams. Design and construction, landscaping, interior design, and real estate development are some of the services we offer.

The client's communication of design preferences, functional needs, and financial constraints will be relied upon by the architectural design team. The project's progress will be aided by prompt responses to queries and design submissions. It's also essential to voice any worries as the project develops so they may be resolved early on. A successful project conclusion can only be attained by constant communication with the design team.