BY ADMIN / January 24, 2023

Tips To Increase Space In A Small Bedroom

Every inch counts if your bedroom is small. However, it's a mistake to believe that having a small bedroom will limit your decoration options. In fact, there are numerous techniques to spruce up and beautify your bedroom. By placing your furniture in a way that matches the room and flows nicely, you can prevent your space from feeling claustrophobic. You can transform your cosy space into a relaxing sanctuary by using the correct design tactics and approaches. Here are some suggestions that will assist you in making the most of the available space and make room for some pretty creative storage options.

Bedroom design tricks

Go for a minimalist idea

The majority of the stuff in your bedroom right now is either expensive or gifts from friends and family. Although you might have a chair or vanity table at the foot of your bed, neither of these things is actually in use. Thinking like a minimalist is one of the best ways to increase your bedroom's interior space. This means that regardless of how costly or sentimental an object may be, you should get rid of it. A professional interior designer can help you with different design ideas.

Put your bed close to the wall

Instead of placing your bed directly in the centre, position it to one side, against or close to a wall. Try to leave as little room on one side of the bed as possible if you prefer the way it looks or functions with both sides of the bed open. Make ensure that there is at least 3 feet between the foot of the bed and the door if your bed is facing the doorway. You will have enough room to open the door without knocking on the bed.

Use a trunk

Pushing one of these, whether it is a storage bench or a sturdy trunk, towards the foot of your bed is a time-honoured method of maximising storage in your bedroom. Because it also serves as an end seat, this hack puts comfort first. There are countless ways this can help to save space, such as folding your linens and storing them in the trunk or storing random records.

Declutter your nightstand

It can be very tempting to put everything on your nightstand when your bedroom is small and only has a few pieces of furniture. You'll put practically all of your small items on your nightstand since you believe it to be the most practical place to store them. Purchase a nightstand with drawers to prevent this from happening. A nightstand can not only increase the amount of space in your bedroom, but it can also enhance the design and mood of the room.

Remove stand-alone furniture

Although standalone wardrobes and bedroom dressers can be less expensive options, they are frequently large pieces of furniture that don't fit neatly against your walls, leaving significant unused space around the sides and above your furniture. You will notice how choosing made-to-measure fitted furniture can make the area look cleaner, tidier, and much brighter. It will also help you maximise your storage, giving you much more space.