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Over the years, we have not only built homes, but we have also built lasting relationships with our clients. We will help you with a smooth transition from well constructed yet characterless house to something you will always call your home.

Building a house requires a lot of planning for a perfect outcome. As architects with knowledge, skill and passion, our team at Thomas Associates can guide you to make the right decisions at every stage of the architectural process.

Designing your dream home on paper is only the first step in the entire process. Construction of the house entails a lot of factors such as choosing suitable materials, hiring trustworthy contractors etc. At Thomas Associates, we take over the heavy lifting so that you do not need to stress about the construction process.

Even after construction, the house needs to be prepared to live in. This means adding furniture and accessories that add a ‘homely’ touch to your house. With a team of expert interior designers, Thomas Associates can help you transform your house into a beautiful place that reflects your personality and values.

Our Projects

We have the most passionate and experienced in-house design team of registered architects, interior designers and leading pre-start managers who are capable of understanding your ideas of a dream home, designing a home uniquely apt for you and your specific lifestyle requirements, and then making it happen and presenting you with your ideal home.

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Thomas Associates is one of the top architectural firms in Kottayam and we guarantee you the best service available. We have established ourselves over the years through hard work and sheer excellence.

Our Indian culture gives so much importance to the harmony of the five elements of nature and integrating them in the right amount in our living space will be advantageous to our mind and body. Our architectural style is closely in blend with nature and that's what we focus on during our design process. Any building should be built considering local construction materials, culture, lifestyle and weather.

We offer interior designing solutions which have aesthetic appeal, functionality and durability. Choosing the best finishes, defining the details of building interiors, landscaping the outdoors, setting the backyard and selecting furniture, through all these aspects of imparting your style into your home, we will guide you and shape the decisions that will give you a home that comforts and suits you.

Thomas Associates has successfully built homes in and around Kottayam, resulting in our reputation as one of the best builders in Kottayam, Kerala. We as a firm have always believed in combining functionality with innovative concepts for aesthetics. Discipline, creativity and expertise have resulted in completed projects which have always managed to satisfy our clients and kept time and resource constraints under control.

Property development requires detailed scheduling, resource planning, cost management, safety and quality management. Our team has excelled in all these aspects of property development because of our skilled and experienced core team at Thomas Associates. Our expertise in the field has also resulted in our collaborations with reputed builders on various property development projects.

Let Us Define Your Style

Our dedicated and talented in-house team has never failed to impress our clients with their great work ethics and skills.

Why Thomas &Associates

At Thomas Associates, we have always stood by our clients in all their needs and requirements and will continue to do so with all our future clients as well. We are a group of passionate people who want to bring innovations and ideas to realise your dream of a beautiful home. By choosing us you will be securing your dream in the most trustable hands and we will deliver you the best outcome.

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Our Publications

At Thomas Designz, we have always stood by our clients in all their needs and requirements and will continue to do so with all our future clients as we
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award wining

Our Awards

Award Winning Designs

Our firm, Thomas Associates, has recently started to get noticed nationwide and earned various awards for our contributions to the architecture and design industry. National excellence awards in 2020 and Indywood excellence awards in 2017 will always be considered as a sign of our journey up and up. We will stay true to the recognition that has come our way and will deliver the best.

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Create a Home From Scratch

Thomas Designz is a Kottayam-based architecture, design and construction firm founded in 2007 by Pradeep Thomas with the support of a passionate team of skilled architects and designers. Creating homes beyond the expectations of the clients and amazing them, have always been the factor that made us stand out from the rest of the crowd. We take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget. We have always strived to overcome the limitations between design and construction and have successfully delivered the best quality architectures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Seek the answers to your architecture-related queries right here.

Architects make sure that the job is completed professionally and in accordance with building code regulations. They also work to ensure that the structure is realistic and well-designed. An architect can manage the project while staying within your budget and assist you in selecting the best builder for your project.

The majority of architectural firms base their fees on the project's proposed build-up area. Some architects bill as a percentage of the project's total anticipated cost. It may range from 6% to 15% of the project costs. Others prefer a lump sum payment.

In India, the Council of Architecture regulates architect fees. However, there are differences in the fees that architects charge. The fees of an experienced architect are significantly more than those of a new one. Some architects bill as a percentage of the project's total anticipated cost. It may range from 6% to 15% of the project costs.

When you're ready to start designing your building project, it's advisable to contact an architect right away. At Thomas Associates, our expert architects are always ready to offer approximate figures for the price of your project and can offer some initial drawings at the beginning of the process.

Client Testimonials

We are also blessed with the best clients who became our family at the end of each project. They rejoice in our achievements like their own and support us in every way they can. We have added a few such testimonials that will always stay close to our hearts and urge us to deliver more amazing projects.